Welcome to the St.Xavier’s World School website. We believe education is the most complex issue of our times. I hope you find the information helpful and that it gives you a taste of the happy, industrious school that we are. St.Xavier’s is a caring school, with a team of dedicated professionals which is here to ensure that the children get the most from their education. Every member of staff is committed to providing the children with a happy well- disciplined environment where the children can make the most of every learning opportunity offered to them.

We aim to be a school where all the children are inspired to see learning as a lifelong experience, thus empowering them to make good choices later in life. The school promotes the best possible academic, cultural and moral values in a Christian environment. All our Children, regardless of background, culture, religious belief of ability, are equally valued, supported and challenged.

High Academic Achievement Effective Standards-Based Instruction Fiscally Solvent and Increase Enrollment Accountability for all Stakeholders Safety and Security of Students and Staff.

Our Aim

We plan to develop a career path for each student and shape his/her personality as suited to the career opportunities as required for him/her to flourish in his future profession. For this we plan to inculcate a sense of divine/value based teaching so that he/she is able to chose the right path and strengthens his/her decision making abilities.

Our Objectives

At St. Xavier World School, we endeavor to develop a range of skill set which will be required to survive in professional domain as well as in 21st century advanced society.

About Saint Francis Xavier

Saint Francis Xavier was born on April 7, 1506, in a castle near Sangüesa in Navarre (part of present-day Spain). With encouragement from his friend Ignatius of Loyola, Xavier devoted himself to religious service and became one of the founders of the Jesuit order. Much of his life was spent tending to missions in areas such as India and Japan. He was 46 when he died on China’s Shangchuan Island on December 3, 1552.