Principal’s Message

“Education is our passport to the future , for tomorrow belongs to the people, who prepare for it today.”
We have taken a completely new turn for booming up the education system by striving for excellence in every possible field and achieving it in a spectacular way. St. Xaviers World School tends to go to every extent to achieve holistic development of our children where we guide students to develop capacities, acquire knowledge and virtues and provide service.We are on a path of building an ideal structure for education and liberal ideas.
We try to encourage our children to unleash their fullest potential. We also believe that every child is unique in nature with varying needs. Therefore, by fostering a conducive environment full of love, care and creativity we instill in our children a desire to learn with emphasis on their social, emotional, physical, aesthetic and intellectual developmental aspects.
Education is for self empowerment, and we at St. Xavier’s School Ghaziabad, work to empower the children through activity based conventional  method of teaching. We have  Exceed curriculum which equip children to face challenges of life and career ahead. Exceed is an academic solution designed to raise the level of learning in classrooms and build confidence among children.
Also note that if you ever have any queries or concerns, you can communicate with me via email at my email id according to your convenience. We hope your visit to our school website will give you a quick snapshot of life at our school. Please explore our links to find out more about the curriculum, programmes and daily events.
Looking forward to a fruitful academic session ahead!
Mr. R.K. Tomer 
St. Xavier’s World School, Ghaziabad